Doppers from ict-toppers

10 August 2021 | Project

Which is harder to find, customers or staff? While for many entrepreneurs the former is true, Aiwos was facing a different problem. At this officeless ict company, a strategy for recruiting new team members was especially needed.

Krb communications in Houten was allowed to take on this project, the result of which can now be seen at That the client was satisfied we knew, but how nice that this was underscored with a dopper on the doormat as a thank you!

Jurjen Procee: “Aiwos’ core business, solutions for data processing, was already running very well. Every one of their clients is satisfied with the work done. Aiwos’ demand was therefore more focused on attracting team members to properly handle the demand from clients. Like: help us raise our profile on the Internet, we only have a company name and a logo.


‘Together with Chimène, we went to work. With Team Consultations as our best friend, we steamrolled the positioning and media for Aiwos this spring. In the online strategy sessions, we uncovered Aiwos’ dna and designed the brand from there. This became the basis for the tagline: ‘Aiwos, makes your work flow.’

From the heart

‘We worked the logo into a complete corporate identity. Then the rest of the content followed. The photographer polished his lenses and produced a set of quality photographs. We crawled behind our Macs to write…. But, we thought, isn’t it much stronger to let Aiwos’ clients have their say? So we interviewed five of them, resulting in wonderful, authentic content. Not created by our marketing machine, but straight from the heart of Aiwos’ target audience.’


We are pleased with the result: a positioning elaborated in media, prominently featuring future team members. And then when you receive such a token of appreciation in the form of this cute dopper, you know that we have created something that is just as important to us: a valuable customer relationship. Aiwos, thank you very much for the wonderful cooperation. View the result at