Every marketing and communications challenge we take on. From business to government and everything in between, we are there as a colorful source of creativity. In particular, organizations that distract themselves by and no one to make the world a more beautiful place fit our DNA perfectly. When we partner with healthcare facilities, schools or non-profit organizations, our heart beats just a beat faster. Check out our work and see for yourself how diverse our efforts are.
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These industries also feel right at home at KRB:


We make your message top of mind with target audiences in the public sector. Discover our strength with targeted communications and marketing for government objectives. From experience as well as research, we know how best to reach, involve and inform residents and local audiences. Together, we create impact and strengthen trust in your government agency. With a well-chosen strategy, we connect with your community.



KRB has been working with government organizations for many years. This makes us experienced in the way we work. We support the various governing bodies in making marketing and communication decisions and provide the information needed to do so.

Thinking along


Government organizations are often large-scale organizations. This means that there are many consultations and many different (governing) bodies to consider. In this, KRB is flexible, careful and thoughtful.



KRB works in the public sector as well as for SMEs. This makes us know how to get down to business. Where necessary, we can help give that extra push to make a decision.

Customer Stories

KRB delivers on their promises.

Jeroen Bakker – Broekhuis Mode

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