Every marketing and communications challenge we take on. From business to government and everything in between, we are there as a colorful source of creativity. In particular, organizations that distract themselves by and no one to make the world a more beautiful place fit our DNA perfectly. When we partner with healthcare facilities, schools or non-profit organizations, our heart beats just a beat faster. Check out our work and see for yourself how diverse our efforts are.
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These industries also feel right at home at KRB:

Liberal professions

Especially for independent professionals with a “liberal profession,” we are an involved right hand. You often work alone or in a small team, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. We are more than an executive partner – we are your creative allies, your strategic thinkers, champions for your success. Our communications and marketing experts support you on your way to a thriving independent practice.



When you enter into cooperation with KRB, you not only come into contact with us, but also with the broad network that KRB has built. This network contains a lot of knowledge and expertise, which helps you in your independence, as a sparring partner, for advice, but also for implementation.



We are your external marketing department. Your profession requires your full attention and commitment, especially because of your independence. That is why we are happy to relieve you of all your marketing worries. So you can focus on what you are really, really good at.



To make it as easy as possible for you, we provide clarity and structure. We create a clear schedule and schedule consultation moments so that it is clear exactly what is expected of you at what time.

Customer case ___

KRB consulting room
Hooijer Realty website
BBM’ er: Known Barneveld Realtor

Customer case

The challenge

Colinda Hooijer wanted to anchor her brokerage more deeply in the collective Barneveld memory. She was looking for a way to boost this. Her authentic way of working and personality had to guide the content.

The solution

With a focus on the local community, we chose a three-month social media campaign. The target audience: anyone in Barneveld who is considering selling their home. No studio set-up, no script, but “just” Colinda in action, introducing herself in her own words and in her own working environment.

Customer Stories

KRB delivers on their promises.

Jeroen Bakker – Broekhuis Mode

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