Every marketing and communications challenge we take on. From business to government and everything in between, we are there as a colorful source of creativity. In particular, organizations that distract themselves by and no one to make the world a more beautiful place fit our DNA perfectly. When we partner with healthcare facilities, schools or non-profit organizations, our heart beats just a beat faster. Check out our work and see for yourself how diverse our efforts are.
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These industries also feel right at home at KRB:

Non-Profit organizations

We love to set in motion a powerful wave of change for your mission. From genuine commitment to nonprofit organizations, we spread your message to a wide audience. Together we work to raise awareness about important issues. With our media expertise, we know how to touch hearts. The result is that charity becomes visible and tangible. At KRB, we think that’s important.


KRB operates in both the commercial and nonprofit worlds. This allows KRB to bring its broad knowledge, tools and expertise that it deploys in the commercial arm to the marketing of your nonprofit organization.



With its broad network, KRB is the marketing and communications partner for you as a nonprofit organization. In fact, indirectly, you also reap the benefits of this network, which contains a lot of knowledge.

External marketing department


We think with you. In working with KRB, you don’t hire one communications consultant or one graphic designer, but an entire department. We bring in a consultant, social media specialist or graphic designer when you need it.

Customer case ___

KRB consulting room
Guide network
Recruiting gallant visitors online

Customer case

The challenge

The GIDSgala is one of GIDSnetwork’s initiatives aimed at top leaders who want to work for a stronger society. How does GIDSgala encourage this target group to make reservations for the benefit evening?

The solution

KRB developed clever combination of email marketing, social media campaigns and a good press release, all completely in style with each other. The combination with a powerful message and an improved landing page worked wonders.

Customer Stories

KRB delivers on their promises.

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