Do you know how contagious passion is for your business, organization or service? We do! Your enthusiasm is our inspiration for an irresistible communication and marketing strategy. Which we make visible in media, content and campaigns. So that your brand gets even more successful, profitable (customer) relationships. We all enjoy that.
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Masterful brand designing

How do you position your company and/or product in the marketplace? We can help you with that! Together we explore where your strengths lie and how they fit with market demand, then effectively profile your brand, including through the development of a name and corporate identity.

Corporate identity



Golden Circle


Effective images


SWOT analysis


Media that performs flawlessly
Is your business findable online? This all starts with developing your own website. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce or just simple website, we are here for you. A beautiful design will be created to match your corporate identity. In addition, the website is fully SEO and PageSpeed optimized to ensure usability.



UX design

PageSpeed optimization


Endless possibilities


Simplicity and convenience

KRB consulting room


Make your brand known

Whereas offline content has been important to your business for years, online content is now more important than ever. Powerful texts, graphics and video images that go viral: it’s what makes your brand visible. Don’t know where to start? We support you in developing and executing a content strategy in line with your positioning in the market.

Content Strategy

Corporate film



Graphic design

Recruitment video

Resource mix

Online and offline

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Success with Google and Socials
What do you do when you want to know something? Indeed, just Google it and you’ll have the answer in no time. Not only does Google function more as a search engine, but social media platforms are already being used for this purpose. Because of the rapid development of these online platforms, creating brand awareness can be a challenge: we’ll help you.

Online marketing

Social media


Keyword research

Smart targeting


Measurable results

Clear KPIs


Smart mix of media for results
Is it best to use social media, Google or magazines? And what message should I communicate? For this, we can provide you with communication advice. We develop a strategy that includes a mix of assets, a powerful message and matching imagery, to share your story in the right way.

Communication advice


Concept development

Graphic design

Online and offline

Recognizable resources

Powerful message

Crossmedia storytelling

Sales & Marketing

The art of customer loyalty
Marketing has its basis in the strategic choices in your business. KRB has in-house expertise in sales and strategy. We are happy to support you with (sales) training and strategic management advice. You can think of us as an external partner to spar with.


Marketing Advice


Strategic management consulting

Sales track

Marketing funnel

Sales pipeline

Measurable results