Our business is all about the relationship with our clients. That’s why we run hot for personal meetings in relaxed settings. The best place to get us inspired by your ambitions? That is, of course, at your location. That’s how we really get to know your company or organization. We also really like it when you experience our engaged atmosphere for yourself. Therefore, of course, the doors of our offices are always open to you. Our specialists and everyone working behind the scenes are happy to shake your hand.

Master Plan

Want to capture a number one position in Google, establish an irresistible brand or double your leads? Nothing gets us more excited than ambitious goals. In a no-obligation introductory meeting, we will consider your plans. As we listen and probe, ideas bubble up in our minds. From our strategic expertise, we formulate a hands on communication or marketing advice. A practical, enthusiastic plan by which we achieve your goals. You can’t wait for the collaboration to start. Dream, dare, do!

Collaborative form

For each project, we design a proposal that’s just right for you. Flexibility is a key word in our team. Whether you employ us for a few hours a week, or enter into a long-term relationship with us…we make the quote right for you. Also very nice: you keep a regular point of contact throughout the collaboration. In addition, you will have direct contact with our specialists, such as the online marketer, the designer or the copywriter. But your regular consultant and project manager will hold all the reins.


Your customers’ loyalty increases, your brand recognition increases, or your market share grows…The result of our collaboration is soon noticeable. Your business or organization is growing. KRB is happy to grow with you. We monitor progress, present results and continue to optimize. In a long-term process, we see the very best things being created. That’s exactly what KRB believes in: results from relationship. How energizing that is.

Customer Stories

On the technical side, for our online marketing and the website, I can put everything with them.

That’s the convenience you’re looking for in this day and age. The result is evidenced by the number of leads it brings us. At KRB, they deliver on their promises. The NTD takes care of its patients, KRB takes care of the NTD.

Hugo Stoevelaar – The National Thrombosis Service

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