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Complete unburdening

Right in the center of Barneveld and Putten sits Broekhuis Mode. A fashion store where hospitality, knowledgeable advice and experience are key. Every season a new collection hits the stores here. KRB makes sure their customers are informed and updated at various times throughout the season.

De uitdaging

KRB thinks along in all facets: for the corporate identity, the website, our anniversary campaign and much more. We have enjoyed working with them for many years. I really like the personal, direct contact, involved, but they never push. KRB is a good company.
Jeroen Bakker - Broekhuis Mode

De oplossing

Aimed at increasing awareness around key moments, KRB chose a seasonal campaign. Originally, postal gift certificates were primarily shared with points saved. KRB now provides this primarily online, via an e-mailing provided with a personalized QR code. Additional promotional materials, such as content on social media and the website, are also deployed around promotions such as the Sale and Early Bird Campaign. Last year, Broekhuis Mode celebrated its 125th anniversary. To that end, KRB designed a landing page in addition to a special anniversary logo. There were also several celebratory actions planned throughout the year.

Most importantly, KRB completely unburdens Broekhuis Mode, as an external marketing department. In this way, KRB does what it does best, and Broekhuis Mode can give all its attention to the fashion profession.
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KRB spreekkamer
KRB spreekkamer
KRB spreekkamer