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Double sales with smart marketing

As a foreign company, starting a BV in the Netherlands is quite a challenge. Obviously, you have to comply with all legislation, and how do you ensure that? That’s what KC Group helps with. But how do these foreign companies end up with KC Group? That’s our job.

De uitdaging

KRB is not just another marketing agency; it is a valuable partner that understands what it means to bring new brands to life.
Rutger Koelewijn, KC Accounting

De oplossing

For the KC Group, KRB functions as the external marketing department. In consultation, we create the visual communications, tools and funnels that turn prospects into customers. Over the past year, the website has been provided with a new technical foundation, making it significantly faster and more stable.

This laid a good foundation for taking Google Search campaigns to the next level. With KC Accounting, we devised an optimal sales process and created the right resources for it. Potential customers can get a cost estimate directly through the website. Through smart integration with the CRM, the client manager knows exactly who requested which services. Thus, he has all the information he needs to turn leads into customers.

Recently, we reviewed these campaigns and analyzed search behavior. By responding to this with new campaigns and an improved cost estimation tool, even more relevant leads are presenting themselves.
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KRB spreekkamer
KRB spreekkamer
KRB spreekkamer