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Inspiration Sessions

Many companies, Nonprofit organizations and fundraisers do have some experience in online marketing. The website is complete, the Facebook page is been set up and one of the employees has once used Google Ads. Subsequently, working on online marketing stopped. Due to too less time, knowledge or inspiration. It is also possible you do not use it efficient because of the endless possibilities.

Krb. offers you the change to be (free of charge) up to date. You will also see that there is more possible than you think. We organize Next Step Sessions about online marketing. Our specialists Matthijs Huijzer and Geert Emmens bring you – step by step – into the almost limitless world of online marketing. Your investment: one hour of time in your calendar.

More information
Call or Whatsapp our specialists online marketing: Matthijs Huijzer 06 06 3901 0910 or Geert Emmens 06 5981 2350.

Would you like to have a personal session at your location or online? That is also possible! Get in touch with Geert Emmen 06 5981 2350, gemmens@krbcommunicatie.nl.

After the session, you will have enough knowledge to (re)activate your online marketing with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Of course, Krb. is willing to help strategical, organizational as creative. We have created and completed successful campaigns for many various clients.

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